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FAQ: About the class

Paul Krzyzanowski

September 1, 2020

Will lectures and recitations follow the same times as what they were before everything switched to online?

As long as there’s interest, I will have a zoom call at the scheduled class time (Mondays at 5pm except for next week, when Rutgers decided that Monday falls on a Tuesday). However, I don’t expect you to stay on and remain fully conscious so I will have recordings of the lectures available shortly after the lecture.

Are weekly quizzes open note?

Yes, I don’t like the stress and privacy intrusion of systems like Proctortrack. You will have ample but not unlimited time for the quiz so I expect you to be reasonably prepared but I hope these will be quick and low-stress events.

Do we have lecture on Monday (labor day)?

Sort of. Rutgers changed Tuesday, September 8 to a Monday so we will have our first lecture on September 8.

I’m not sure if I misunderstood something but I was confused to see there was class today. I thought this class was going to be on Mondays & Wednesdays?

Class is scheduled for Mondays only. That works well for me normally since, in normal times, I’d be on a plane to Seattle on Tuesday morning and returning at the end of the week. This semester, place has no meaning so they could have scheduled the class for just about any time but didn’t. I only decided to have this brief chat at the last minute to give you a chance to see what the course is about in case you want to have a bit of time to think about dropping it.

Would you consider using piazza?

Absolutely! I haven’t used it before and I’m still figuring out the tools available in Canvas. I just enabled Piazza so we can use it for Q&A. I’m not sure what folder structure makes sense at this time and plan to create more folders depending on how populated this gets.

Are you in vegas right now?

Alas, no. I can’t really think of any fun and safe place to go at this time.

Last modified September 10, 2020.
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