CS 419 Documents

O you possessed of sturdy intellects, observe the teaching that is hidden here beneath the veil of verses so obscure.
         — Dante Alighieri, Inferno IX:61-63, trans. A. Mandelbaum

This page contains links to lecture note, in-class lecture slides, and related reading material. Lecture slides are in Adobe PDF format. You probably already have something that reads pdf files. If you don't have a pdf reader for your platform, you can get one for free for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. You don't need one for the Mac since Preview can render pdf files. You also don't need one for the iPhone or iPad. If you're using an Android platform and don't have a pdf viewer installed, you can download the Google PDF Viewer, Adobe Acrobat, or any of dozens of other viewers.

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Lecture notes

Week Title
Week 1 Introduction - lecture notes
  Introduction - slides (6 per page)
Week 2 Access control - slides (6 per page)
  Access control - lecture notes
Week 3 Program hijacking and injection - slides (6 per page)
  Brief clarification on what stack frames are
Week 4 Confinement - slides (6 per page)
Week 5 Exam 1: study guide
Week 4,5 Malware - slides (6 per page)
Week 6 Cryptography - slides (6 per page)
Week 7 Integrity - slides (6 per page)
Week 8 Authentication - slides (6 per page)
  Biometrics and CAPTCHA - slides (6 per page)
Week 9 Exam 2: study guide
  Bitcoin (6 per page)
Week 11 Network security (6 per page)
Week 12 Network security: VPNs, TLS, and Firewalls (6 per page)
  Web security (6 per page)
Week 13 Mobile device security (6 per page)
Week 15 Exam 3: study guide
Week 15 Anonymous connectivity: the Dark Web and Tor (6 per page)
Week 15 Watermarking, steganography, content protection (6 per page)
Week 16 Final Exam: study guide

Useful references and blogs

You might find these references useful as guides to topics we cover in class as well as topics that we may not have time to cover. There is a practically limitless amount of information in the form of blogs, tweets, podcasts, videos, articles, and tutorials on the web. I will not overwhelm you with a long list.

Comparitech's Information Security blog
A blog with a mix of tutorials, security-related discussions, guides, and news articles.
Schneier on Security
Well-known security author and technologist discusses recent security events, particularly those relating to issues of people and technology.
Krebs on Security
One of the better-known names in writing on security threats and privacy breaches.
Graham Cluley
Easy-to-read coverage of recent information security news